About Me

About me:

I am a normal, if you can call a 60+ year old man who likes to do a variety of things normal, but hey, we all have our own weird ways! But I have lived here in Ponca City for most of my life and know the city very well, and ride all over the place on my bikes. Yes, bikes... I believe in the philosophy of 'N+1', meaning that there is always room for one more bicycle. I have my favorites, but I also try to ride all of them at one time or another, plus it is not beyond me to break out the two wheel push scooter and enjoy the day as well.

​I work in the refinery here, and live a swing shift life, meaning I work 12 hour days, or nights, it rotates around each week, so I never know if I am coming or going, but have, over the years, gotten used to the way I have to adjust for things in life and my sleep patterns as well. I enjoy the people I work with, and for, and basically enjoy all aspects of life. My wife can't believe I wake up every day happy, but that is just part of my craziness, but my soul and heart is happy most all of the time, and it is my choice, and the way I prefer to go through life.
As I say, or as you will be able to tell, I ride a bicycle, and this year, 2018, I hope to make it where it is the main means of my transportation. I went through the Winter and managed to lose quite a lot of weight, and now am working at trying to keep it from developing back onto my body. Yes, it will be a chore, but I am certain I can do it, but it does take some work and effort, but that is how all of this life works out. My goal this year is to put a minimal amount of miles on my vehicles, not for Global Warming, not for Health and Well Being, not to make a stand, not to boycot the Oil Cartels, but because I enjoy riding my bicycles, and have ever since I was a little boy. I have always travelled all over this city on bike, and while the city here isn't really set up for bicycles, it is still nice enough to ride out on the streets and not constantly worry about getting ran over by someone... althoguh I am sure tehre are some people out there who would like to run me over... but they have missed me so far!

If you want to know more about me, read my blog posts and you can also email me or write to me, or even call. I may or may not answer the phone, for as I am sure most all of you have the same issue with Spam Callers, but hey, try it, you may get a hold of me!

My Wonderful Family

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I am blessed with the presence of my lovely wife, we have three kids, and three grandkids. I shall see if I can figure out how to get their phots on here, but it may take me a while!